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Property Highlights 350 acres 210 tillable Heifer barn 100 freestalls Double 10 side-by-side parlor 250 freestall Cow barn 24x72 concrete upright silo 500 Acres Leasable 40x40 of Machine Shop Manure Bldg 3 pumps w/agitator Calf barn 35 to 40 Certified Organic NOFA-NY Property Description Over 350 acres of land available total with all 3 parcel groupings. All land is USDA Certified Organic by NOFA-NY. Land was actively farmed up through the 2013 crop season and fertility maintained according to organic standards. There are 7 farm buildings and 3 residences on the farm. Starting at the north end of the farmstead is a mobile home. It has most recently housed employees to the farm. A calf barn was built in 2011. It easily houses 35 to 40 calves from birth to 6 months. Steve wishes he had this built 40 years ago. Shop & machinery storage building was built in 2011. There is 40’x40’ of shop heated with a large wood stove and a radiant tube natural gas heater as well as a door that is 16’ high and 20’ wide. The farm house was built in the 1850’s but remodeled over the years. The downstairs has a recently remodeled kitchen connected to a dining room with a hardwood floor. There is a large living room with a fireplace. The cow barn has a haymow capable of holding 40,000 square bales upstairs and in the stable area there are various box stalls for maternity pens, 4-H projects, vet work, or other uses. Attached to this barn is the milkhouse and milking parlor and the main freestall cow barn. It consists of a double 10 side-by-side parlor and 250 freestalls with a “Pennsylvania Drive-Thru Feed Alley”. Smaller farm house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a fireplace, hardwood floor in the dining room and living room which has a fireplace. It also has a root cellar with an earthen floor, stone walls, and a large door to keep it dark & cool. This is separate from the rest of the cellar. Manure building houses 3 pumps, an agitator, a FAN manure separator, and 2 large concrete collection tanks. A better description of the manure handling system can be found at our website. The heifer barn consisting of 100 freestalls, 6 box stalls and 250+ feet of feedbunk space. There is a 24’x72’ concrete upright silo beside the heifer barn that was used to store High Moisture Ear Corn (ground). It could easily store 1000 tons. The commodity shed was damaged by a fire in 2012. 3 bays are currently in use and the other 3 could be re-built. The concrete floor and walls were not damaged by the fire. The last structure is the bunk silo. It will hold 6750 tons of haylage &/or corn silage. We also had some baleage bales wrapped if we had smaller amounts of forage ready to harvest that didn’t warrant opening up the bunk silo.